Frequently Asked Questions / Getting Started

Are your rates hourly? 

I primarily base my prices on the value provided, so an illustration which would be used once for purely academic reasons is less than illustrations created for advertising purposes, which could net a client tens of thousands to even millions of dollars over time. I take into account the return on investment you get from my services as well as the time required on my part.

Great visuals increase the value of scientific communications immeasurably, so if you want to stand out as someone who provides incredible value to your audience, teaches your concepts well, and/or is an expert who understands the needs of their field, illustrations are a invaluable investment…and  a good relationship with a good illustrator is the best way to get the best return on your time investment.


What if I need many illustrations?

 If you have a project with many illustrations, such as  a book chapter or an entire book, if the project allows I will give a "bulk price" with a lower per-illustration rate. This is at my discretion, because some projects will require a large amount of time and research per illustration, while others can be batched.


What’s the process like for a new client?

Every new client goes through a three-step process.

  1. You answer a few quick questions. These help me better understand your needs, your goals, and the scope of the work you need.
  2. From there, if it sounds like a good fit, I'll send you an email with any clarifications required for me to get you an accurate estimate or quote. This will include the delivery schedule, payment schedule, and usage rights for the project (see here for information on usage rights)
  3. Once we've agreed on terms for this project, I'll send you an invoice for the 10% deposit and we can get started!


What if I really can't afford your lowest rate?

Still talk to me. I can help you look at your needs and find a solution that fits within your budget, whether that's breaking up a project into parts, reducing deliverables, or simplifying the style or scope of an illustration, or something else. It never hurts to ask, and I would never reject anyone out of hand if I can find a way to help them. I won't be able to work for free, but the options are usually broader than people realize.


Other FAQs

1.  Can I pay via credit card?

You certainly can. Let me know whether you prefer PayPal,, or some other means and I will get it set up for you and send you the invoices at the appropriate times.


2.  How many rounds of edits do I get?

Three, generally, but if more are needed of course they will be done. If it's a matter of additions, or changing your mind about the scope of the project, that will be billed at an hourly rate of $80/hour, but if it's something that I've done wrong or omitted, that is not billed.

3.  How soon can you start?

I start as soon as I have the necessary documents signed from you, which includes a good overview of what you want and the scope (I will provide prompts for what that means), and a 10% deposit. At the moment, this can begin immediately, and generally I can start on a project within a week or two even if I'm fairly busy. I will communicate with you on what a reasonable timeline will be, which will be somewhat affected by how much other work I have.