About Christina

Christina Wheeler has spent nearly half of her life training to become an excellent medical illustrator. From tugging at the sleeves of the Biomedical Visualization faculty at UIC while in high school to earning her Master’s degree from that very program almost a decade later, Christina has been dedicated to learning how to craft beautiful and effective illustrations that capture the intricacy and beauty of science.

  • 2 years as a professional medical illustrator, working for individual scientists, clinicians, and surgeons, as well as for international publishers
  • 1.5 years working on designing and creating a prototype interactive neuroanatomy atlas, based heavily on educational psychology research as well as creating a visually pleasing and intuitive layout according to user interface design principles
  • 4 years of experience tutoring biology and human anatomy and physiology to students of many levels of competence in a college setting
  • 10 years dedicated towards pursuing medical and scientific illustration

She specializes in post-secondary biological and medical education, solving the puzzles of communicating how the tiniest details of cellular mechanics can impact the functioning of an entire body—making sense of small details and keeping them in the context of the big picture. This sense of perspective, direction, and structure helps Christina provide effective, visually appealing illustrations, 3D models, and interactives. Christina has honed her skills in creating visuals in many media, both the traditional and the digital. She has studied the styles and techniques of classical medical illustrators in order to draw from the foundations of our field to produce beautiful, accurate, and accessible compositions with a variety of styles and media