Powerful anatomical illustration

A professional medical and scientific illustrator, with a Masters of Science in Biomedical Visualization, Christina Wheeler has provided scientific illustration services to doctors, clinicians, researchers, authors, medical device companies, and teachers to produce beautiful and clear anatomical illustrations.

Using modern techniques to create a sophisticated aesthetic, and providing elegant solutions to complex scientific visualization problems.

Expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, & InDesign. Articulate Storyline. ZBrush. Conversant in HTML & CSS, experienced in web and UI design.

Fusing understanding of educational theory and familiarity with the many styles and solutions that have been used in the past, we seek out new solutions from different angles that will enhance student learning and bring classic quality to 21st century publishing, interactive development, and patient education. 


Medical Illustration

The heart and soul of what we do. Educational visual solutions provided by a trained medical illustrator and experienced educator.

Scientific Illustration

Scientific illustration runs the gamut from natural history, anthropology, chemistry, to cell biology. Scientific illustrators must cater to a variety of needs according to the audience and whether the aim is to entertain, inform, or educate.


Clever visuals to convey the key meaning of an article or story, using accurate scientific imagery and an artistic eye for mood and composition.

Interface design

Focused study of best practices and techniques for instructional design, especially as applied to eLearning and interactive textbooks, make us uniquely qualified to help you design your learning modules and courses.