Business identity

crafting a cohesive brand for a
medical illustration studio

Created: February - April 2016

Purpose: Create a business identity for C. Wheeler Studios to portray its goals of creating educational materials that are classically inspired, but innovative and effective. 

Project Duties: Design a logo, a letterhead, business card, resume/CV, and purchase agreements

I had to search for a symbol that synthesized all the concepts that I wanted to portray about myself and the aspirations for my business:

  • A pathfinder and catalyst, one that thinks outside the box and finds new ways to accomplish goals efficiently and effectively.
  • A visionary and free-thinking person who is both grounded and imaginative, taking what was learned in the past and applying it to the present and future.
  • Analytical, taking complex information and giving it order and balance, making it approachable
  • Builds on educational psychology to encourage simplicity of learning and strong foundational learning