Whichever solution you need, have a look at my breakdown of the different styles I can employ to solve your visual communication challenges quickly, effectively, and beautifully, here: "There's Only One Style of Medical Illustration, Right?"


Didactic Medical and Scientific Illustration

The heart and soul of what we do. Educational visual solutions provided by a trained medical illustrator and experienced educator.


Editorial Illustration

Clever visuals to convey the key meaning of an article or story, using accurate scientific imagery and an artistic eye for mood and composition.


Surgical Illustration

Advanced knowledge of anatomy and an understanding of your audience are combined with masterful execution to create illustrations with precision and accuracy to depict sophisticated surgical techniques. We have particular familiarity with the da Vinci robotic system.


3D Modelling

We create 3D assets that are as aesthetically beautiful as a hand-drawn illustration. Experience in interactive development translates into established workflows to create efficient topology and creating and editing UVs, normal maps, and texture maps.


Instructional Design

Focused study of best practices and techniques for instructional design, especially as applied to eLearning and interactive textbooks, make us uniquely qualified to help you design your learning modules and courses. Paired with our experience in user-interface design, we can help you strategize how best to engage and educate your audience in scientific topics.